What Is Online Gambling?

Online Gambling is a type of gambling that takes place over the internet. It primarily involves playing poker, casino games, sports betting and lotteries. While bricks-and-mortar casinos offer a more glamorous atmosphere, online gambling sites can be very convenient and provide an exciting experience for the player. However, one must be aware of the risks and be able to control his or her gambling behaviour.

The popularity of Online Gambling has prompted some jurisdictions to legalize and regulate it. This allows operators to impose harm minimization strategies and generate taxation revenue. It also increases consumer protection and enables a more comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. However, concerns persist that online modes may increase the incidence of gambling problems [2].

Research is needed to better understand whether Internet gamblers differ from traditional ones in terms of motivation and enjoyment. This includes longitudinal studies to examine the trajectory of involvement and its relation to problem gambling. It also requires consideration of how Internet gambling behaviour can be integrated more broadly with offline gambling.

Fraud is a significant problem in the online gambling industry, and it can be difficult to detect and prevent. Despite the many safeguards in place to protect players, it can still happen. SEON helps to reduce fraud in online casinos by acting as a pre-KYC check and weeding out obvious fraudulent sign-ups. This saves compliance teams from having to spend money on full document verification and KYC checks for those who can be excluded from the get-go.