How to Evaluate Your Range in Poker


Poker is a card game in which players place bets in rounds of betting. Each player receives five cards – the community cards and two hidden “hole” cards – and uses them to form a hand. If all players check or raise their bets, play proceeds to the next round of betting. Otherwise, betting ends when all players call or fold. The final round of betting is called the Showdown.

After all players have placed their bets and raised the minimum amount, they turn over their cards face up. During the final round of betting, only players who haven’t folded have a chance to win the pot. Once all players have revealed their hands, the hand with the best ranking is revealed, and the winner takes the pot.

When determining your range, it is helpful to remember that different hands have different odds of winning. These odds vary by position, the type of pot, and percentages. It is important to know how to evaluate your opponent’s range before calling a hand. By following these tips, you’ll be able to determine if your range is right for you.

A flush is a pair of five cards of the same rank. A higher four-of-a-kind beats a lower one, and vice versa. In addition, higher four-of-a-kind hands are considered better than lower ones.